With the donation of an extensive collection of photographs, letters, and memorabilia from the estates of Arnold Schönberg's sister-in-law Maria (Mitzi) Kolisch and nephew Mischa Seligmann, an important collection of family documents has arrived from California to Vienna.

Maria Kolisch (1896–1987, married name, Seligmann) worked in the field of medicine for most of her life, and was initially active as a World War I nurse in her father’s field hospital. In the 1940s she worked in an agricultural research laboratory at the University of California at Riverside. Thereafter she worked for many years in various hospitals in the San Francisco area in the field of nuclear medicine. She was the sister of Gertrud Kolisch (who became Arnold Schönberg's wife) and Rudolf Kolisch (violinist of the Kolisch Quartet, who performed many of Schönberg's works).

From an undated letter from Arnold Schönberg to Mitzi and Otto Seligmann:

Dear Mitzi and Otto, I would like to offer some concrete suggestions regarding Trude's proposal about the founding of a cinema. One could do it in such a way that we pool together a basic amount and then look for partners. However, I am thinking of a larger cinema with an orchestra in one of the many theaters that have been put up for sale. If [Felix] Greißle could be employed as Kapellmeister, he would perhaps also be able to bring shares from 1-2 financiers. One would have to inquire about the lease amount and then calculate the financial basis. In any case; well managed, situated at a convenient location (because the Viennese do not like to drive - they just like not to sink) it is a goldmine. If you want to think about it, I could make more detailed suggestions. - We are thinking of staying in Berlin for good; but it is terribly expensive here. We have to have a permanent residence somewhere, and Mödling is unsuitable, since we will be coming to Vienna mainly to see our relatives and acquaintances. But that is still six months away. - We hope to hear from you again soon. With the most heartfelt greetings. Arnold